Mothers Call

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On International Women’s Day, March 8, 2015, mothers affected by state violence in the United States, Mexico and Palestine will come together to discuss the increasing militarization of our world — and the rising movements for peace. 

In 2014, mothers in Mexico, Palestine and across the US declared: No more state violence. No more state-sanctioned murder and abduction of our children. No more U.S. arming of local forces with the weapons of war, while programs to address social and economic ills remain underfunded and largely unaddressed.

Their words and actions swept the globe, as cities across the world rose up against police and military violence, repression, murder and occupation. 

This year, on March 8, a group of these mothers will come together to share their stories and discuss how these local movements intersect. 

A delegation representing the thousands of mothers affected by U.S.-sponsored violence will join via video conference. We invite you to join these mothers via video from your own community as we hear the varied yet connected stories of these women directly affected by state-sponsored violence, and support their call for accountability and that the United States stop the militarization of our communities and the funding of violent forces.

Join us as we demand that Obama - #ProtectOurKids  #StopFundingWars

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11am in Oakland

12pm in Juarez

1pm in Iguala

2pm In New York

8pm in Palestine


JERALYNN BLUFORD Jeralynn Brown-Blueford is the mother of Alan Blueford. At 18 years of age Alan was racially profiled and murdered by Oakland police officer Miguel Masso. Witnesses at the scene said Alan's last words were, "Why did you shoot me? I didn't do anything!". Jeralynn actively speaks in Alan's memory, fighting against state sponsored police terror. Along with social justice partner, Mollie Costello, Jeralynn co-directs The Alan Blueford Center for Justice in Oakland, CA. The Alan Blueford Center for Justice is an office space, as well as a community center whose mission is helping to heal the community, especially the community affected by police terror. Jeralynn is also the founder & President of the Alan Blueford Foundation, a 501(c)3 that will work in coordination with the mission of The Alan Blueford Center for Justice.

DANETTE CHAVIS from New York, New York, lost her 19-year-old son in October 2004. After being shot in a gunfire exchange (not with police), Gregory Chavis died just a block from Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx when police prevented him from receiving any medical treatment. Chavis has been active at demonstrations, is the head of National Action Against Police Brutality, and has launched a petition demanding justice for her son that has over 34,000 signatures.

WANDA JOHNSON’s son Oscar Grant was shot in the back and killed by transit Police Officer Johannes Mehserle at a train station in Oakland, California. Initially charged with second-degree murder, Mehserle was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Since the death of her son, Johnson has been active on the Board of Directors of the Oscar Grant Foundation, a resource for at-risk youth of all races who wish to turn their lives around in a positive way. A gospel minister and nation speaker, Johnson has made guest appearances on nationally syndicated television programs, universities and public forums to bring attention to injustices in law enforcement and the criminal justice system.

VALERIE BELL is the mother of Sean Bell, a 23-year-old unarmed man killed on his wedding day, November 25, 2006, in a barrage of 50 shots fired into his car by New York plainclothes police officers. The officers thought his friend had a gun. The detectives involved in the shooting were acquitted, and the Bell family was awarded a settlement by the city of New York. Valerie Bell is the founder of Mothers of Never Again (MONA). 

NEMEH SHAMLAWI is the mother of Ali Shamlawi, one of five Palestinian boys facing possible life in prison for a crime many insist never occurred, and for which there are no witnesses connecting the accused.  In the occupied West Bank, Palestinians are tried in a military court system which convicts Palestinian children at a rate of 99.7%. Since her son's abduction and imprisonment in March of 2013, Nemeh and the mothers of the 4 other boys have been fighting for the return of their sons, and an end to the human rights violations that define the Israeli Apartheid system upheld by the US-supported Israeli army.

More to Be Announced. 

Coalition Partners:

Alan Blueford Center for Justice


Direct Action Front for Palestine

Hares Boys Campaign



Students for Justice in Palestine at Hunter College

White Noise Collective 



March 08, 2015 at 11am - 2pm
Oakland, Juarez, Iguala, New York, Palestine, and streamed to your city
#ProtectOurKids #StopFundingWars
Anapara, Chihuahua
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Nathan Sheard · · 917.809.5902

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    The video is now available on YouTube for those who missed it and we will put out an edited version later on: We want to give thanks to the mothers who were able to join us today to inspire out ongoing struggled for justice. We also want to give a shout out to all of the translators and organizers behind the scenes as well as the organizations in support. Finally thanks to all of those who tuned in. Let's take these mothers up on their demand for struggle and solidarity, today and everyday until we win.
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    Happy Working Women's Day! We are moved by all of these incredible mothers who will come together today to speak out against US funded violence. Join us to celebrate their resilience. You can send your comments and questions via YouTube on the comments section or via Twitter using the hashtag #motherscall
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